All about the folks behind waspexpert.com

Hey, I’m Matthew, good to meet you!

I live in Dallas TX, and I started waspexpert.com because it was hard for me to find legit unbiased information about the wasps in my backyard.

Most of the websites I found with ‘wasp information’ for homeowners were run by pest control companies, and they pretty much always tell you to remove the wasps, because, you know, that’s what they do.

Through research I found out that many of the wasps are in fact beneficial and do good stuff like pollinating my cucumber plants (thanks wasps!).

The Goal of Waspexpert.com

The goal of this site is to give science-based information about wasps for regular folks who are just trying to figure out if a species is a danger to their kids, or good for their cucumbers (or both?).

Our promise

This website is independent and is not run or operated by any sort of pest control company. We promise that this will never change and we will retain full editorial control.

We also promise to offer unbiased advice and never sell ‘sponsored posts’. If an article is on this site, then it is written by us.

How we make money

Product links in our articles may be affiliate links, and we’ll earn a small commission if you buy the product by following these links. We may also offer paid links to local services, although we’re not doing that right now. If we do, these companies will have no control over our editorial process.

Typically we only recommend products that we use ourselves.