How to Keep Wasps Away from Your Pool: Tips for Homeowners

Posted by Matthew Rathbone on February 26, 2023 · 2 mins read

As a homeowner, there’s nothing quite like lounging by your backyard pool on a hot summer day. However, this relaxing oasis can quickly turn into a nightmare if it becomes infested with wasps or bees. In this article, we’ll explore the different types of wasps and bees you may encounter in your pool and provide tips on how to keep them away.

DIY Wasp removal recommendations

For non aggressive wasps I've had great luck spraying the nests with this Spectracide wasp remover in the evening. For more aggressive wasps I also use this rediculous looking upper torso Beekeeping suit. It seems silly, but trust me, it's amazing.

The Difference Between Wasps and Bees

Before we dive into prevention techniques, let’s take a minute to distinguish between wasps and bees. While both insects can be a nuisance to homeowners, they have distinct differences.

  • Wasps are typically slender with a smooth body and shiny appearance. They have elongated wings and a narrow waist.
  • Bees are usually rounder with more hair on their bodies. They have wider wings and a broader waist.

Now that we know what we’re dealing with let’s discuss how to keep them out of your pool.

Prevention Techniques

  1. Remove standing water: Wasps are attracted to water, so eliminating any sources of stagnant water in your backyard is key. This includes emptying any containers that may collect rainwater or sprinkler runoff.

  2. Keep food covered: Just like us, wasps are attracted to food. To prevent them from swarming around your pool, make sure all food and drinks are covered when not in use.

  3. Use essential oils: Some essential oils, such as peppermint and clove, are natural wasp repellents. Mix a few drops of your preferred oil with water and spray it around your pool area.

  4. Hang decoys: Wasps are territorial insects, so hanging decoys that resemble their nests can deter them from entering your backyard. You can purchase pre-made decoys online or create your own using paper bags.

  5. Install screens: If you have an enclosed pool area, installing screens around the perimeter can prevent wasps and other insects from getting in.

  6. Call in the professionals: If you’ve tried all of these methods and still can’t seem to get rid of your wasp problem, it’s time to call in the experts. Pest control professionals can safely remove nests and provide ongoing maintenance to keep wasps away.

By following these simple prevention techniques, you can enjoy your backyard pool without worrying about pesky wasps and bees. Remember, prevention is key, so start implementing these tips today!