Plants That Repel Wasps: A Homeowner's Guide

Posted by Matthew Rathbone on January 26, 2023 · 3 mins read

As a homeowner, you want to enjoy your backyard without worrying about pesky wasps ruining your outdoor activities. Thankfully, there are many natural ways to keep wasps away, including planting specific types of plants that repel them.

DIY Wasp removal recommendations

For non aggressive wasps I've had great luck spraying the nests with this Spectracide wasp remover in the evening. For more aggressive wasps I also use this rediculous looking upper torso Beekeeping suit. It seems silly, but trust me, it's amazing.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the best plants that repel wasps, how to grow and care for them, and other tips for keeping these stinging insects at bay.

Why Do Wasps Invade Your Backyard?

Before we dive into the plants that repel wasps, let’s talk about why wasps invade your backyard in the first place. Wasps are attracted to sweet scents and sugary substances, such as fruit juice or soda. They also like to build their nests in protected areas, such as under eaves or in tree branches.

Plants That Repel Wasps

Here are some of the best plants that repel wasps and can help keep them away from your backyard:


Peppermint is a natural insect repellent that can deter wasps with its strong smell. It’s easy to grow in your backyard and can be used in cooking or tea-making.


Lemongrass is another plant that has a strong scent that can help repel wasps. You can use it in cooking or as an ornamental plant in your garden.


Citronella is a popular plant that is often used as a natural mosquito repellent. However, it can also help keep wasps away thanks to its citrusy smell.


Eucalyptus has a minty scent that can deter wasps and other flying insects. This fast-growing plant is perfect for adding some height to your backyard landscape.


Wormwood is a bitter herb that can help repel wasps and other insects. It’s easy to grow and can be used in cooking or infused in tea.

Other Tips for Keeping Wasps Away

In addition to planting these natural repellents, here are some other tips for keeping wasps away from your backyard:

  • Keep your trash cans sealed tightly
  • Cover any food or drinks when eating outside
  • Avoid wearing bright colors or floral patterns
  • Keep your outdoor lights off at night
  • Keep your yard free of standing water

By following these tips and planting the right types of plants, you can enjoy your backyard without having to worry about wasps ruining your outdoor fun.


Wasps can be a nuisance for homeowners, but there are many natural ways to keep them away. By planting the right types of plants and following some simple tips, you can create a wasp-free zone in your backyard. So go ahead and enjoy your outdoor space all season long!