Discovering Wasps in Sacramento, California: A Guide for Homeowners

Posted by Matthew Rathbone on February 05, 2023 · 3 mins read

As a homeowner in Sacramento, California, you’re likely familiar with the sight of buzzing insects in your backyard. While some are harmless bees, others can be more intimidating - like wasps. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the various types of wasps you might encounter in Sacramento and give you tips on how to identify them.

DIY Wasp removal recommendations

For non aggressive wasps I've had great luck spraying the nests with this Spectracide wasp remover in the evening. For more aggressive wasps I also use this rediculous looking upper torso Beekeeping suit. It seems silly, but trust me, it's amazing.

Paper Wasps

Paper wasps are one of the most common types of wasps found in Sacramento. They are slender and have long legs that dangle beneath their bodies when they fly. Their wings are also long and slender, making them easy to distinguish from other wasp species.

These wasps build papery nests that resemble an upside-down umbrella. You might find these nests hanging from tree branches, porch ceilings, or even the eaves of your home. If you discover a paper wasp nest on your property, it’s important to leave it alone and call a professional exterminator if it becomes a threat to you or your family.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are another type of wasp commonly found in Sacramento. They are black and yellow and have a distinctive pattern that sets them apart from other wasp species. Unlike paper wasps, yellow jackets tend to build their nests underground or inside cavities, such as hollow trees or walls.

If you see yellow jackets flying in and out of a hole in the ground or wall, it’s best to stay away from that area. These wasps can become aggressive if they feel threatened, and their stingers can be painful and dangerous to those who are allergic.

Mud Daubers

Mud daubers are a less common type of wasp in Sacramento, but they can still be spotted in the area. These wasps are black and metallic blue and have a long, skinny waist. They get their name from the mud nests they build, which look like cylindrical tubes.

Unlike paper wasps and yellow jackets, mud daubers are not typically aggressive towards humans. They prefer to capture spiders and other insects to feed their offspring. However, if you disturb their nests, they may become defensive and sting in response.


In conclusion, there are several types of wasps that homeowners in Sacramento should be aware of. By learning how to identify these wasps, you can take steps to avoid them and keep yourself and your family safe. Remember to always exercise caution around wasp nests and to contact a professional if you need help removing them from your property.